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Declan Waters Decontamination Services 

Vehicle & Premises Decontamination 

What is the process?

  •  Contact us with your requirements
  • We provide a bespoke quote based on your requirements.
  • We make an appointment that suits you. Our service is 24/7 365 days per year.
  • We decontaminate using our patented technology and provide contact time for
    the disinfectant to operate.
  • We ventilate the area.
  • We test the area ensuring the are quality level is safe making the area operational.
  • We provide a certificate verifying the area has been successfully

What We Do

We are available twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days per year. Our technicians work mornings, evenings, nights and weekends and are available when it is most convenient for you.

The chemical and process we use is approved under EN14476 for the deactivation of viruses and is registered with the Department of Agriculture for application by fogging and spraying under PCS 98877.

Call our Offices on 01 8853392 and ask for the Decontamination Department or call Caroline directly on 087 2782155. Email Caroline on info@dwdecontamination.ie 

We provide the technology and trained technicians to successfully decontaminate surfaces and the environment in the following industries, workplaces and establishments:

Vehicle Decontamination 

Declan Waters Decontamination Services offer bespoke services tailored to your individual requirements. We provide the solution to ensure that your vehicle is as clean as it possibly can be. With a dramatic increase in environmental infections including Corona Virus Covid 19 it is more important than ever that you play your part in halting the transmission of infection. We cater for private, industrial, people carriers and emergency vehicles.

Premises Decontamination

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging is designed to provide bio-decontamination of equipment, vehicles, rooms, or entire facilities. This solution is applicable for airborne and surface contamination control and unlike some other alternatives, we use a “dry mist” solution. This means fabrics and electrical equipment including computers (or any expensive electronic equipment) are completely safe to be left in-situ while the fogging takes place. We cater for Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Community Homes, Day Services and Commercial Premises such as Medical and Healthcare, Hospitality and Food, Shops and Supermarkets, Offices, Schools, Colleges and Crèches, Student Accommodation and Private Homes.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Declan Waters Decontamination Services for Coronavirus decontamination services.  

Call: (087) 278 2155 or (01) 885 3392


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