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As mandatory hotel quarantining and the summer months are on the horizon, Hotels will soon be reopened. Many things will have changed to incorporate new Covid safe practices. One of these is cleaning – we are all much more aware of how easy it is for bacteria to spread and the harm and devastation it can cause.

Deep sanitising must become part of our regular cleaning regime. Manual cleaning with disinfectant is best practice to eradicate surface bacteria, if this is done alongside ULV Fogging then airborne pathogens and hard to reach places will be kept germ free too.

We offer a Covid19 decontamination Fogging service. If someone in your Hotel has shown symptoms of Covid 19 or indeed has been diagnosed with it, we can quickly and easily sanitise the workspace using ULV Fogging.

Covid-19 has brought cleaning protocols in hotels sharply into focus. Many will be looking at how hotels are adapting to keep guests safe.

Fogging is atomising a chemical to apply it directionally as a mist. It disperses this fine mist or fog of high-grade disinfectant that kills pathogens. The particles are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill both airborne and surface-based viruses as well as bacteria in hard-to-reach places such as ceilings, walls, crevices as well as furniture, floors, and equipment.

To avail of our┬áCovid-19 (Coronavirus) Decontamination service for hotels – contact us today.