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Coronavirus is highly contagious. Many people are asymptomatic, so the spread of Coronavirus is constantly a threat.

Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces for different periods of time. If Coronavirus gets into your creche you are risking child illness, staff illness,
loss of money, loss of reputation.

Keeping your creche clean and correctly disinfected is the best way to ensure that children, staff, and parents are safe, healthy, and happy. Your parents will be confident that their child is in the safest place possible and you will be able to continue to operate your business knowing that it is
free from Coronavirus on an ongoing basis.

Cleaning is only 50% effective for the elimination of Corona Virus. Routine cleaning is vitally important but human nature dictates that not everyone cleans equally or effectively. Coronavirus is spread by droplets that can land anywhere and they are also airborne.

Manual disinfection is time consuming. It is safe to say that not every area can be reached. Fogging with Hydrogen Peroxide kills the Corona virus.
All surfaces are sprayed and the fine mist it will reach every nook and cranny.

The benefits of fogging with Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • Large areas can be disinfected quickly.
  • You can be sure your creche is free fromm Coronavirus.
  • You can save time over labour-intensive time-consuming manual
  • Coverage is superior in comparison to manual methods.
  • Parents and staff are confident.

Fogging with Hydrogen peroxide ensures all equipment, areas, surfaces, and the air are disinfected and free from Corona virus.

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